Day Trip to Redlands & Oak Glen


Over the weekend, my hubby and I did a day trip to visit my sister in Redlands.  She goes to University of Redlands and since she’s been away at college I’ve become quite fond of this small little town on the way to Palm Springs.  Like any good trip, it was completely planned around food.

The first stop on our food tour was Carolyn’s Cafe for their coffee cake.  As you can see in he picture below, the cake is topped with an ice cream size scoop of butter.  The butter gently melts down the warm coffee cake.  It is sweet, soft, crumbly and extremely buttery.  It is decadent goodness.


After going into a food coma, we drove up in the hills to Oak Glen. It’s a quaint town just an hour and a half from Los Angeles, but feels a world away. It’s a 5 mile loop with dozens of shops and scenic views. There are apple orchards along the route and spots for apple picking. The small mom and pop shops offer tons of different apple varieties, most I’ve never even heard of.

Our on way up the mountain we stopped at Mom’s Country Orchard. It’s the cutest little shop that sells hundreds of jams, jellies, nut butters, fruit butters, BBQ sauces, mustard, and honeys. There are countless varieties and you can sample any flavor you like. I probably sampled 20 different preserves and they were all delicious. I am the biggest fan of samples–it’s the reason I go to Costco.



After our sampling, we headed to the heart of Oak Glen.  We stopped at Snow Line Orchard for for mini. apple. cider. donuts. Each step of the donut making process is done right before your eyes.  After the mini donuts are fried, they are topped with a healthy dose of cinnamon sugar and handed to you still warm.  They are heaven in a teeny tiny mini bite. My sister and husband started looking at me funny after the noises I made after my first bite… They are slightly crisp on the outside and pillowy soft on the inside.




After all our sweet treats, we walked around the Oak Glen Preserve with our pups. The leaves were changing colors. It was absolutely gorgeous and breathtaking. Andrew and I have been planning a trip to Yosemite soon, but walking around the nature preserve in Oak Glen felt like we were in Yosemite. It was cool and crisp and truly felt like fall. We don’t really get the feeling in Los Angeles so this was a treat.



On our way back down the mountain to Redlands we saw four deer! It added to the magic of Oak Glen. Before heading home we had to have our favorite shredded beef tacos from Cucas. It was a fun filled (and delicious food filled) day in Redlands & Oak Glen with my hubs, pups, and sister.

Links to Make the Weekend Come Back Sooner

Andrew and I had a really nice weekend. On Saturday we visited my sister at college in Redlands. We basically did a food tour of Redlands. I basically plan every vacation (and every day) around food. I’ll share some photos later this week. Boy, time is just flying by. It’s already mid-November. I can’t believe Thanksgiving is next week. It’s time to plan for the big feast day. Here are two helpful links for Thanksgiving, along with some fun beauty, DIY and decorating links. Happy Monday!


1. A super helpful Thanksgiving timeline to prevent last minute stress and anxiety.

2. Adorable ideas to dress up your Thanksgiving table.

3. How cute are these marbled clay ring dishes?

4. 25 new uses for bobby pins, including DIYs, styling and a bobby pin holder.

5. Smart ways to make the most of a small space.

6. Explanations on cleansing oil. Good to know! I’ll have to give cleansing oil a try!

Links to Make the Weekend Come Back Sooner

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was really fun and felt extra long, which is my goal for every single weekend! We got dinner and saw Interstellar Friday, which helped in elongating our weekend. It was a great weekend and I’m almost ready to start the week… after pursuing these links.


1. How to decorate small spaces for fall. I working on my fall decorations, including my DIY fall wreath.

2.How to make your home look expensive. Yes, please!

3. How dare they–foods lying to you about their origin

4. My husband is into Movember and has quite the beard already. In the next week he’ll be needing these products to keep your guys Movember beard in check.

5. These concealer makeup hacks will come in handy for those unwelcome blemishes.

6. If you happen to have any Halloween candy left: baking with Halloween candy. My is long gone!

The Little Things

IMG_4329.JPG |private tour of the Universal back lot by my husband|

Life has been busy. I plan on taking some time to breath this weekend and just put my feet up. In between relaxing I’ll be catching up on homework and do a house project or two and eating Tres Leche Cake leftovers.  Have a great weekend!

IMG_4007.JPG |lobster boil with friends|

IMG_4270.JPG |girls brunch at my friend’s place|

IMG_4096.JPG |the prettiest salad from Rosti|

IMG_4269.JPG|The pirate, his wench, their pet fish and octopus on their pirate ship|

Caramel Apples

Whenever I go to Disneyland I have my own little tradition.  I always get a caramel apple.  They are my favorite and make the perfect sweet treat when I’m at the happiest place on earth.  When Andrew and I were dating we had season passes and would go all the time, but haven’t been in a long time.  I’m hoping to make it to Disneyland soon while it’s decorated for Christmas. :) Until then, I made caramel apples at home to curb my craving.

I followed Giada de Laurentiis’ recipe for caramel apples, but left out the chocolate and candy.  I’m a caramel apple purist, but you can decorate your heart out and add sprinkles for Thanksgiving or Christmas.