Fireplace Updates

Andrew and I love fixing up our home.  I really think little and inexpensive updates go a long way.  Over the two years that we’ve lived in our home, we’ve fixed up slowly but surely fixed up our fireplace. Here’s a look at our fireplace over the years (and holidays).

IMG_9438 |our fireplace when we first moved in July 2013. we added candles from Ikea, which was a mistake. don’t buy candles from Ikea. they crumble and melt way to fast.  It’s worth the money to buy better candles|
IMG_0426|we added a mantel (see how we did it here) and christmas decorations from Home Goods|
IMG_4838 |valentine’s day 2014 (burlap banner from our wedding) and new vases from Home Goods and the mirror I stole from my mom, thanks mom =) |
IMG_0401 |andrew removed the dirty, dusty old screen |
IMG_5659 |studying for my master’s exit exam|
IMG_1634 |newest update. I painted the inside of the fireplace with heat resistant black paint.  it makes it look clean and fresh|
IMG_1641 |I love how the black paint makes the white brick and candles pop.|
IMG_1643 |now I just would like a few more candles… my pup doodle decided the candles made fun chew toys|


DIY Mantel Shelf

DIY Mantel As soon as we moved into our new home, I knew I wanted a mantel shelf over the fireplace to display family photos and holiday decor.  Our inspector told us that our fireplace needs to be relined and that we shouldn’t light a fire.  So until we fix our fireplace we placed multiple pillar candles to add ambiance without the risk of burning our house down.  I really love how our fireplace and mantel are looking.  There are a variety of textures to give interest to the eye and a family picture from this past Thanksgiving in Yosemite.  The next little update on my list is to find a new fireplace screen.  Any ideas?

DIY Mantel
DIY Mantel We bought this Mantel Shelf and stained it with Black Cherry Wood Stain, which after several coats became a beautiful dark brown with a hint of cherry.  After staining to the desired color, we used Polyurethan to protect the wood from stains or scratches and to add a nice glossy shine. Gently wiped the varnish with steel wool. Then we waxed the shelf with Howard Wood Polish with a soft cloth to smooth, finish and further protect our stunning mantel shelf.

DIY Mantel
DIY Mantel
DIY MantelFor the month of February, I hung this amour sign (made by Butterfly above) that we had at our wedding hanging in front of our sweetheart table ♥