A Tale of a Mama Hummingbird and Young

Once upon a time, there was a hummingbird who flew merrily around the backyard of a lovely couple.  She flew from flower to flower sipping the sweet nectar.  One day Mrs. Hummingbird began to build a nest upon a petite cafe light strung across the couple’s patio.  She took time to construct the perfect home for her future babies.  She laid her eggs in her carefully constructed nest and patiently waited.  She tirelessly stood guard of her young. After much anticipation from both mama hummingbird and her neighbors, the hummingbirds hatched.  The babies peeked their beaks out of the nest, eager for their mom to fill their bellies.  The babies shook the nest with excitement.  As the babies grew, the man of the house became fearful that the tiny nest would come crashing down.   To ensure the safety of his new neighbors he created a mountain of pillows beneath the hummingbird home.  The babies quickly outgrew their tiny cafe light home.  The babies made their first flight to the next string of cafe lights and soon left the nest for good.  Their neighbors were sad to see them go, but happy to have met them and hope they visit often.

Hummingbird Nest preparing her home

Hummingbird eggsblurry hummingbird eggs

Baby Hummingbirds tiny beak

Baby Hummingbirds blurry babies

Baby Hummingbirdsprotecting her young

Baby Hummingbirds all grown up

Baby and Mama Hummingbirds mama and her babies that aren’t so little anymore

Baby Hummingbirdfirst flight


2 thoughts on “A Tale of a Mama Hummingbird and Young

  1. how often did you turn the lights on? Did the lights on frighten them? are the lights keeping the mother from returning? I have the same lights with a nest.and Someone turned the lights on for 3 hours and she hasn’t been back to sit on the eggs.The lights are quite bright and I’m worried that they scare her away as well as people standing right under it all the time :/ They aren’t caring animal lovers likeme 😦

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