Links to Make the Weekend Come Back Sooner

Last week was insanely busy! I sadly did not have time to blog at all. Between school, interning, working part time, attending a Health conference and a gala, I basically only left with time to sleep. This week should be another busy one, but hopefully not as crazy. My goal is to finish my papers and projects before Halloween so I can enjoy all the festivities! Before I hit the books, here are some fun links.  Have a great week everyone!


1. Some fun puns to cure the Monday blues.

2. A cute video of kids trying a $220 7 course tasting menu.

3. DIY exfoliates recipes for oh so soft skin.

4.  The best winter squash

5.  Fall cocktails, perfect for Halloween, thanksgiving and dinner with friends.

6.  Adorable DIY kids (or adults, why not?) Halloween costumes.


The Little Things

IMG_3962.JPG|getting ready (and excited) for Halloween|

We have a jam packaged weekend ahead of us. Dinner with friends, a lobster boil, brunch with friends, a gala for my internship and probably a hike with my favorite pups. Now that I wrote it all out, that really is a lot! Enjoy the fall weather!

IMG_9557 |not new, but new to my bathroom petite fleurs box filled with roses and sage from our garden|

IMG_3959.JPG |it’s finally cool enough for slippers|

IMG_3921.JPG|afternoon cheese plate|

IMG_3969.JPG |after a brutal summer my pretty flowers are blooming again|

Chia Pudding

This past week I’ve been eating this chia pudding every morning. It’s become automatic. I grab my coffee in pure zombie mode. Prep my chia seed pudding, throw it in the fridge and get ready for the day. I come back and finish assembling my breakfast and run out the door. This is what I do:

Chia Pudding
What you need:
2 tbsp chia seeds
1 cup kefir
Vanilla extract
Frozen/fresh berries
Sliced almonds

What you do:
Add the chia seeds and kefir to a bowl and stir together. Put in the refrigerator for an hour. I also sometimes add a drop or two of vanilla extract. If you walk by the kitchen just give it a stir once or twice. (If you remember you can set out the frozen berries to defrost, but I usually forget.)

Then I microwave the frozen berries so they’re room temp and a little juicy. (I prefer frozen berries because it adds some juiciness.) I pour the berries over top, sprinkle the almonds and a tiny drizzle of agave. Enjoy!




Links to Make the Weekend Come Back Sooner

It’s Monday? Where does the time go? Andrew and I had an eventful weekend, which I guess is the reason it flew by so quickly. We watched our friend perform at a comedy club, saw Gone Girl and had one last birthday celebration. This lucky girl had 3 different birthday dinners (+ dessert)! Before the week starts here are some fun links with good information.


1. Strange health tips that really work!

2. Fun and festive Halloween desserts.

3. Sneaky sneaky… corporations are manipulating your emotions.

4. Ready for a vacation? Me too. Where to fly this fall.

5. Champagne cocktails for every occasion {my favorites: a kir royal and a Saint Germain champagne cocktail}.

6. 15 things every fashion girl has in her home. (I have to make a few purchases if I want to be fashionable…)

The Little Things

IMG_3893.JPG |the part of birthdays|

This past Tuesday was my 25th birthday. I’m officially a quarter of a century. This post is the little things from my birthday week that made me smile. As you can see below it’s mostly food. It was a really nice week with family. My family and husband completely spoiled me! This weekend will be a busy (but fun) one! I hope your week was filled with little things that made you smile. Happy Friday!

IMG_3876.JPG |birthday breakfast Andrew made|

IMG_3883 |Filet mignon with a balsamic reduction and goat cheese also made by Andrew|

IMG_3899.JPG |Georgetown cupcake selfie|

IMG_3904.JPG |birthday gift from my mom & sisters that makes me feel fancy and sophisticated|