About Life à la Mode

This is a lifestyle blog that is focused on enhancing everyday life with little touches.  Life à la Mode strives to inspire you to make life more fun through food, fashion, crafts, and home decor.


About Caitlin

I am a newlywed, blissfully married to my husband, Andrew.  We live in Los Angeles with our puppy, Doodle.  I am passionate about family, love, life, travel and of course, food.  For as long as I can remember, I always worked on the little things to enhance everyday life.  Whether it be decorating, creating homemade cards, putting together thoughtful gifts for family and friends, even just on random days, I love to do what I can to keep life fun.  Some of my favorite times are delicious meals at home with family and friends where the little things make all the difference.  Beautifying everyday life creates memories that won’t be forgotten.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Je suis vraiment inspiré pour rendre la vie plus agréable. Merci beaucoup pour ce blog. C’est tellement beau de si nombreux points de vue.

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