Links to Make the Weekend Come Back Sooner

I could definitely use some distractions on this Monday morning. I have a bad case of the Monday Blues. Here are a couple links to make the weekend last a little longer. Hope everyone has a good week.

1. Coffee is healthy (YAY!) but here are a few ways to make it healthier.

2. 21 Ways to Unlock Your Creative Genius–def could use some motivation these days.

3. I am obsessed with watching home renovation shows. My dream is to buy a fixer upper and do a major renovation. Here is a complete kitchen renovation with appliances and all that only cost this couple $5,000.

4. The cutest portable meals and snacks you can make in a muffin pan.

5. I’ve started planning our summer vacation and am so excited. We’re trying to make it as low cost as possible, but still enjoying ourselves. I’ll be putting these tips to save money while traveling to good use.

6. Getting the most out of your favorite beauty products..


The Little Things

IMG_0442|Jasmine beginning to bloom outside our kitchen window|

Life has been a whirlwind of emotions. I’ve been spending lots of precios time with my family. As my friend said, my family is a “rare breed” who puts family first. Here are a few little things that made me smile this week.

IMG_0466|new functional and adorable industrial wall hooks|

IMG_0452 |a hummingbird making her home on our patio lights|

IMG_5116-0|breakfast with mama|

IMG_5024 |funfetti cupcakes for the Grammys|

Valentine’s Steak Dinner at Home


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Andrew and I were planning on going out to a romantic dinner, but we were a little late in the reservation game. We decided making dinner together would be more fun anyways. This NY Strip Steak with Red Wine-Rosemary Butter is fun because the wine butter is pink and adds a little valentines romance to the plate. Along with a cheese board, red wine, a fun dessert and a movie, I think we have the perfect evening. Happy Valentine’s Day ❤️ What do you have planned for Valentine’s Day?

IMG_0375IMG_0382 IMG_0383IMG_0395

Netflix Binge Watching

Since Andrew and I got married we’ve been obsessed with binge watching. Before we started I was naive to the magic of binge watching. My sister would watching hours of Grey’s Anatomy and I just thought watching hours of TV sounded so boring. Boy was I wrong and am now an addict. These are some of our favs. Please share any of your favs! I’m always looking for a new show to binge on.

Luther- such a great show! Too short though, we wanted more.

The Killing- it’s scary and depressing but very very addicting and so good. We were so sad when we finished and no new show could compare. It’s the best show!

Scandal- lots of going on. I preferred binge watching it opposed to watching live since there’s a lot to keep up with.

Orange is the New Black- fun and entertaining.

Breaking Bad- so so good.

The Fall- we watched this after we were mourning the end of The Killing. It’s good but doesn’t compare to The Killing.

Blacklist-we’ve been watching it live, but I think it would be great to binge watch because week to week I forget little details.

Pretty Little Liars- a guilty pleasure. When I lived at home my sister would steal the tv for an hour a week to watch Pretty Little Liars. I would roll my eyes and hide in my room. Then I was bored one day and decided to watch the pilot and was instantly addicted.

Hostages- it’s an interesting show, but went a tad too long for me. Still worth watching though!

Links to Make the Weekend Come Back Sooner

I haven’t posted in so long! I’ve missed it. I’m getting back in the game after a few weeks off. Hope everyone had a fantastic Super Bowl Sunday! I’m sure no one is ready for the work week so here are a few fun links to give you some distraction. 20150202-085639.jpg

1.  Home 101— things everyone should know.

2. Brides (including me) always say you can re-wear your bridesmaid dress. Here are so good tips that make it easy.

3. This photographer’s extreme close-up shots make these everyday items nearly unrecognizable. (Any guesses as to what the photo above is?)

4. Smart packing tips that will forever change your toiletry bag by saving you from leaks and overpacking.

5.  Six foods you’re eating wrong.

6.  Best haircuts for your face shape.  (after trial and lots of error I’ve learned that longer looks are best on me.)