Winter Roasted Vegetable Salad with Whipped Goat Cheese

I’ve made this salad a few times and each time it’s been a hit. It’s absolutely delicious–filled with parsnips, carrots (I used heirloom), apples, bacon, beets and a whipped goat cheese. Simply, mouth-watering. I made this salad over the weekend for my cousin’s shower.  It’s fairly easy to make, especially since most of the components can be made ahead of time.  It makes a gorgeous presentation and made a stunning addition to the buffet table.  The recipe is from The Little Paris Kitchen cookbook is by the adorable Rachel Khoo.  I just love her cookbook and show on Cooking Channel.  It reminds me of the days I studied abroad in Paris. Enjoy!









Links to Make the Weekend Come Back Sooner

My mom and I threw a bridal shower for my cousin over the weekend. It was adorable and I’m super excited to share photos in a post this week. After the party, my house it a mess of decorations, which is probably why most these links revolve around cleaning. I’m ready for some spring cleaning! Happy spring everyone!

1.  12 problems that can be solved with baby powder.

2.  How to keep kitchen clutter under control.

3.  Andrew and I are coming up on our 2 years in July.  Never too early to start planning: DIY versions of traditional anniversary gifts.

4.  I’m love coconut oil for many things: cooking, lotion, chapstick…  One jar of coconut oil equals 16 household staples across three rooms.

5.   When spending a little more money traveling is a good idea.  Who else is ready for a vacation?

6.  Clever furniture fixes.


Meal Time

My sister, Mia, had to create a movie for school that captures a setting. Mia chose the kitchen as the setting and asked if she could film me cooking. She captured how much time and care goes into a meal (and how little time goes into eating and enjoying the meal). Hope you enjoy!

P.s. Check out Mia’s awesome tumblr.

The Little Things

|all day, everyday. eat happy.|

 It’s been a positive week. I studied (FINALLY) for my compressive Master’s of Public Health exit exam, which brought me a sense of peace because boy oh boy I’ve been stressing. It feels good to be productive. Here’s a look at my week and last weekend that made me smile. Have a great weekend.

|date night with my best friend and the best burger|

|Sunday brunch with chocolate chip pancakes on the patio|

|an afternoon pick me up to get my through studying|

IMG_0594 |found a Smithsonian magazine in my grandpa’s collection from the month and year I was born|

Links to Make the Weekend Come Back Sooner

I had a really nice weekend, both productive and fun. Friday date night at Umami with my one and only. Saturday morning resume and Finnish Pancake party with Andrew and my sister. Sunday brunch on the patio. What did you do this weekend?


1.  Easy breakfasts, yet impressive for your guests.

2.  Genius uses for everyday items.

3.  Your personality based on what your lipstick bullet looks like after a lot of use. (My tubes always end up concave.)

4.  17 fun party themes for any occasion.

5.  Peanut butter chocolate palmiers.. I know my husband would kill for these.

6.  Steps to stop procrastinating. (I could really use these since I’m suppose to be studying for my midterm right now…)