Meal Time

My sister, Mia, had to create a movie for school that captures a setting. Mia chose the kitchen as the setting and asked if she could film me cooking. She captured how much time and care goes into a meal (and how little time goes into eating and enjoying the meal). Hope you enjoy!

P.s. Check out Mia’s awesome tumblr.


Links to Make the Weekend Come Back Sooner

Last week was insanely busy! I sadly did not have time to blog at all. Between school, interning, working part time, attending a Health conference and a gala, I basically only left with time to sleep. This week should be another busy one, but hopefully not as crazy. My goal is to finish my papers and projects before Halloween so I can enjoy all the festivities! Before I hit the books, here are some fun links.  Have a great week everyone!


1. Some fun puns to cure the Monday blues.

2. A cute video of kids trying a $220 7 course tasting menu.

3. DIY exfoliates recipes for oh so soft skin.

4.  The best winter squash

5.  Fall cocktails, perfect for Halloween, thanksgiving and dinner with friends.

6.  Adorable DIY kids (or adults, why not?) Halloween costumes.