The Little Things

IMG_3670.JPG |last weekend’s dessert from Sunday Supper at Lucques with my parents|

This week has been a busy one. I started my last year of graduate school in the Master’s of Public Health Program and started an internship in the field. Since life just got busy pretty quick I’ve been treating myself with a little pampering (as you can see below with my new mask and scrub). I plan on doing a little relaxing (and probably lots of cleaning) this weekend. I hope you all relax and enjoyable the three day weekend!

IMG_8991 |I’m loving this mud mask that my sister brought back from New Zealand|

IMG_8995 |our Jasmin growing larger than ever, but how do I get it to bloom!|

IMG_3676.JPG|my hubs made me breakfast for the first day of my internship this week|

IMG_8990 |I bought this amazing scrub from Sabon in NY that leaves you with soft skin and a fantastic scent


48 Hours in NYC


This was my third trip to New York City. I love this city! There are countless museums, shops and restaurants to explore. 2 days just isn’t enough! We definitely made the most of our 2 days and hit some sights we hadn’t seen before. Here’s a peak at some of the things we saw (and ate).

IMG_3633 |a NY hot dog before the Whitney Museum of American Art|

IMG_3523.JPG |Jeff Koons exhibit|

IMG_3535.JPG |Rosemary’s aka the cutest restaurant ever with a roof top garden that is used in their cooking|

IMG_3555.JPG |we obvious tourists when we asked for our bagels toasted. we were informed that their bagels are made mulitple times a day unlike LA so they don’t need to be toast. (I still like my bagel toasted–under the broiler with butter and then topped with cream cheese= heaven)|

IMG_3579.JPG |9/11 Memorial Museum— it’s extremely emotional but worth it|

IMG_3588.JPG |Flat Iron building followed by gelato in Eataly|

image |a soft serve twist of cereal milk and crack pie coated in a cereal crunch from Momofuku Milk Bar|