DIY Outdoor Table with Succulent Planter Box

My husband made this table. I can’t believe it. I think it is just the coolest thing. I absolutely love how it turned it. Andrew found several pallets and made this beauty. He pretty much winged it and it took him about 8 hours in total and $40 in supplies. None of this is exact but this is how he did it. He used his circle saw to cut the individual planks away from the plank. Then laid out the pallet pieces together like a puzzle from upside down to lay out the design of the table. He created a planter box in the middle of the table. He outlined the edges of the table with two by fours and placed additional two by fours under the table and nailed each individual pallet piece into the two by fours. He added legs and then sanded and sealed it. Then I added adorable little succulents. I LOVE it! Hope you do too. I know we are going to have countless summer dinner parties around this table with family and friends.  Cheers to summer.









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