Links to Make the Weekend Come Back Sooner

I haven’t posted in so long! I’ve missed it. I’m getting back in the game after a few weeks off. Hope everyone had a fantastic Super Bowl Sunday! I’m sure no one is ready for the work week so here are a few fun links to give you some distraction. 20150202-085639.jpg

1.  Home 101— things everyone should know.

2. Brides (including me) always say you can re-wear your bridesmaid dress. Here are so good tips that make it easy.

3. This photographer’s extreme close-up shots make these everyday items nearly unrecognizable. (Any guesses as to what the photo above is?)

4. Smart packing tips that will forever change your toiletry bag by saving you from leaks and overpacking.

5.  Six foods you’re eating wrong.

6.  Best haircuts for your face shape.  (after trial and lots of error I’ve learned that longer looks are best on me.)


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