Links to Make the Weekend Come Back Sooner

I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday! I sure did! I had the whole week off, which I definitely needed. Although I was sick the whole week, it gave me an even better reason to snuggle up all day with my pups and husband and binge watch. It was a relaxing and fun week spent with loved ones. I’m dreading getting back to real life… The only good news is that the weekend will come back very soon with New Years Eve just a few days away.
1. The cutest DIY New Years Eve favor box.

2.  New Years Eve table decorations.

3.  I’m excited & ready for 2015. Are you?–productivity tips to make 2015 your best year yet.

4. Beautiful, untranslatable words don’t exist in English.

5.  9 shows to binge watch on your winter break.

6. Lip balm addiction— it’s a real thing.  (I admit that I get anxious if I don’t have chapstick with me…)


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