The Little Things

IMG_4607.JPG |They were as ecstatic as I was to get our tree|

I am in full fledged Christmas mode!  Last weekend and this week really got me in the Christmas spirit and super excited for the upcoming weeks.   The only problem… school.  School really gets in the way of things.  My last paper for the semester is due Monday.  The moment I finish I am celebrating.  Until then, my weekend includes a lot of writing (next to the Christmas tree with Christmas music playing and a festive cocktail in hand).  Hope you all are enjoying the holiday season!

IMG_4608.JPG |Andrew made us Finnish Pancakes while we decorated the tree & played Christmas music|

IMG_4625.JPG |Doodle giving his ornament a kiss before he hung it|

IMG_4627.JPG |Nordstrom’s Christmas Party|

IMG_4658.JPG |NBC’s Private Holiday Party at Universal Studios with free food, dessert bars, rides, games & prizes galore|


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