Puppy Problems Quick Fix

I have two adorable puppies, who I love very much. They are loveable, playful and loyal. They are my children and have a million different pet names. They make me happy every single day EXCEPT when they chew my house, baseboards and furniture! It drives me absolutely nuts. I love our little home and these little pests keep ruining it! The worst spot they chewed is on the window frame around the pretty window above our couch. It’s in the worst place possible because it’s the hub of house, where I spend all my time when I’m home. So, to solve this horrible eye soar I used a wood filler and paint to save myself from tears.  It’s not perfect, but it’s a million times better.  Here’s what I did:

IMG_9284 Thanks Piper for the new artwork in my house.

IMG_9294 Step 1: Fill gaps with wood filler.

IMG_9295 Step 2: Smooth filler with your finger. You can use a scraper to make sure it’s flush with the wall.

IMG_9299 Doodle waiting for it to dry.

IMG_9363 Step 3: After it dries, sand the wood filler with medium sand paper.
20140925-104214.jpg Step 4: Paint (with an audience)

IMG_9381 Dood thinks it looks much better!  Fingers crossed they are over their chewing stage!


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