Key Lime Pie

I have a deep love for key lime pie. I can be quite particular, not just any old key lime pie will do.  Typical key lime pies are too creamy without enough tart for me.  I still have yet to try a key lime pie in the Florida Keys… it’s on my food bucket list (along with a Belgium waffle in Belgium).  Until then, this is the key lime pie I crave too often and consume too much of.  I have been known to sneak into the freezer with a fork in hand and a big sweet tooth.  The worst part of this key lime pie is how easy it is to make.  It’s easy as pie. 🙂  There are only 3 ingredients for the filling plus a store bought graham cracker crust.  This time I tried to make it slightly healthier with this homemade graham cracker crust (along with light nondairy whip topping).  Prepare yourself for a light and refreshing slice of heaven.



IMG_9096 IMG_9118 IMG_9139


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