The Little Things

IMG_3693.JPG |a mini sweet treat to brighten my day|

Boy oh boy, it’s been a busy week. I have jumped in head first to my internship in the world of public health and am absolutely loving it! Grad school also started and is keeping me busy. I’ve been prepping for posts but have had no time to actually post! I do have some good posts planned for next week, so stay tuned. 🙂 Here are a few snapshots from my week. I hope you all have a relaxing and fun weekend!

IMG_3738.JPG|we got Piper groomed and I think the gave us the wrong dog… she used to be cuter…|

IMG_3699.JPG |Sprinkles sampling|

IMG_3741.JPG|a sneak peak of our new bar cart|

IMG_3750.JPG |feeling like a big girl getting dressed up for my internship|


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