The Little Things

IMG_8860 |a handmade bowl I bought at an outdoor market in Bordeaux, France|

This has been the craziest summer of my life. I haven’t had a weekend at home in 7 weeks. Andrew and I went to Denver, Maui, Bordeaux and then I did a girls trip with my family to New York. This is the summer that every other summer will be compared to. Now that I’m back from all my travels I couldn’t be happier or more excited to get back to normal life. I’m excited for quiet dinner at home with my husband and puppies and cuddling up to watch our favorite shows. Nothing sounds better. Hope you all have just as a relaxing weekend as I have planned.

IMG_8856 |book signed by Hillary Clinton|

IMG_3441.JPG |lopsided Birthday cake from Momofuku Milk Bar|

IMG_3506.PNG |facetiming with my boy while in NY|

IMG_3427.JPG |the best welcome home|


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