Livin’ the Good Life in East Hampton

My mom, sisters and I just returned from a girls trip to New York.  We stayed in East Hampton for a few days at my “aunt’s” house (my mom’s childhood friend that she’s known for 5o years!). We had such a fun time with our “aunt, uncle & cousins” and had such beautiful weather. The sky, sun and weather reminded me a lot of Bordeaux. I had just returned from France the night before leaving for New York (I was only at home for 18 hours). The sun was so strong and bright and without sunglasses I felt completely blind. When the sun was on you it felt like a big hug, but as soon as it hid behind a cloud I had goosebumps.  Another reason it reminded me of Bordeaux was that on our first day we went wine tasting at Wölffer Estate Vineyard. I absolutely hated leaving France so it was extremely nice being eased back into home. We had a lot of fun exploring The Hamptons. We went to the Jackson Pollock House, a fun design home in the Hamptons (which made me want to completely redecorate my house!), stand up paddle boarding, laid by the pool, and ate lots of good food. Oh and got to meet Hillary Clinton! It was shockingly thrilling shaking her hand. We all felt this deep connection with our hand shake, hellos and eye contact with Hillary. My whole family and I had this little high of excitement after. Such a fun trip!

IMG_8799 |my sisters, mom & I|

IMG_8831 |farm stand on the side of the road|

IMG_8828 |flower fields|

IMG_8842 |taking the ferry to dinner at Vine Street Cafe on Shelter Island|



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