The French Countryside 2

It’s amazing how different the landscapes vary in just a minute walk.  The forest in the backyard is dense with trees covered in moss.  There are huge sand dunes just around the corner.  There are meadows and open fields.  The beach is the longest I’ve ever seen.  You can walk forever with your feet in ankle deep water.  Here, the clouds move quickly.  The air is clean.  The days are long (it’s light until 10pm).  The stars are bright.  And most importantly the food is fantastic.  I think I could get used to this.

IMG_8711 |dinner at the harbor|

20140807-000704-424020.jpg |a berry and peach crumble Andrew’s mom made that was pure heaven|

20140807-000704-424901.jpg |the last of hundreds from Andrew’s late grandpa’s collection|

20140807-000727-447250.jpg |ping pong tournaments in the backyard|

IMG_8719 |Andrew’s sister and cousin being sillier than ever|


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