The French Countryside

I am spending the week in countryside of Bordeaux with my husband’s family.  Days spent riding bikes to the market, afternoons at the beach and nights around the table for long dinners and games.  It’s only been a few days but it’s been pure heaven.  Andrews grandpa bought this summer home near the beach in a forest with a stream running through almost 50 years ago.  Andrew spent every summer in this home that is now filled with countless memories.  When I studied abroad we stopped by the house for a minute, but it wasn’t nearly the same.  It was the middle of winter.  The house was dark and lonely and the town completely vacant.  Now that it’s summer everyone heads to the beach towns for vacation. In town the markets and beaches are packed.  The beach Andrew and his family go to is locals only.  The walk to the beach is lined with wild blackberry bushes for convenient munching.  As you can understand, I’m in heaven.

IMG_8615 |petit déjeuner|

IMG_8637 |through the gate and under the tree to their home|

20140805-230917-83357744.jpg |my morning view|



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