Links to Make the Weekend Come Back Sooner

This is a little late… but better than never right? It’s late because… I’m in Bordeaux! My husband and I are visiting my family in France. It’s pure heaven. Since most of you are probably stuck at work here are some fun links to make your week a little bit better. I’ll also be posting some pictures my time in Bordeaux!


1.  How to make a summer fruit galette and why you should.

2.  Andrew’s mom showed my this adorable and drool worthy French food blogger who lives right where we are in the Médoc region of France.

3.  My brother in law recently introduced me to podcasts and I am now addicted. My fav–Stuff You Should Know.

4. 10 things you didn’t know your iPhone could do.

5.  This summer Andrew and I have been using our grill weekly so I’m excited to try some of these surprising foods you can grill when we get home.

6. Check out this great YouTube my friends made!


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