Favorite Wedding Moments

Life a la Mode Wedding
Our wedding was unforgettable. When reminiscing on our big day there are several moments that come to mind that fill me with warm fuzzys.

Our First Look– Andrew was very hesitant about doing a first look, thinking it would take away from watching me come down the aisle. I was a little persistent about doing a first look because I wanted to make our wedding day and my time with Andrew as long as possible. The first look gave us that time to be alone together and be in awe that we were getting married in a few short hours.
Life a la Mode Wedding
Life a la Mode Wedding

Walking Down the Aisle with my Dad– I was calm, cool and collected all day. I was ready and excited to marry my best friend. The day had been a bit of a whirlwind getting ready and taking pictures so I didn’t really have a chance to get emotional. Before the ceremony, my family and bridesmaids lined up to walk down the aisle. From afar I could see my mom walking down the aisle with my grandpa and then things got real. It was just my dad and I left. My dad linked arms with me and was ready to go. Reality set it and so did my emotions . I was about to marry the man of my dreams. I couldn’t start crying yet! I wasn’t even walking down the aisle. I fanned myself off and held in my tears as much as a could.

Life a la Mode Wedding

A Moment to Take it All In– Everyone says that your wedding day goes to fast and that you try to take it all in. So that’s just what we did. In the middle of the ceremony out family friends sang a song and we got a chance to take it all in. We looked out at our family and friends. We whispered to each other. We cried. That moment together is my fondest memory from my wedding day.

Life a la Mode Wedding

Reading Our Vows– Andrew and I decided to write our own vows. We wanted the wedding to be as personalized as possible. It was so special to declare our love to each other in front of all our family and friends. We now have our vows framed side by side in our office. 🙂

Life a la Mode Wedding

The Speeches– My dad, sisters and brother and law all don’t like giving speeches (who really does?). They were all nervous as could be, but all gave the most wonderful and meaningful speeches. They were filled with love and laughter. I don’t think I’ve laughed or smiled more in my life than on our wedding day.

Life a la Mode Wedding

The Dancing– The only part that my dad cared about was the dancing. He LOVES to dance and wanted everyone to be out on the dance floor. Before the wedding he gave me a huge list of songs that he thought should be played. He biggest request was Shout, which packed the dance floor.

Life a la Mode Wedding

The Sunglasses– As a party favor we gave out colorful sunglasses to all our guests. The idea for this was to encourage people to get out on the dance floor. People are typically nervous to get out on the dance floor. The sunglasses gave people a mask to hide behind and gave them an extra boost of confidence to dance the night away.

Life a la Mode Wedding

Photographs by: Gavin Wade Photography


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