Links to Make the Weekend Come Back Sooner

Summer is officially here! I hope you all had a chance to take in a little sunshine and enjoy the first day of summer. My family and I went to the beach, saw tons of dolphins(!!!), got burgers, took our pups for a walk and it didn’t even get dark until after 8:30! Then on Sunday we had a family BBQ & watched the USA soccer game. It was the perfect weekend to kick off the start of summer! To keep the fun going here are some fun links to check out.

1.  To make the games more fun: 32 official(ish) drinks for every country playing in the world cup.

2.  Although we may not be needing them so soon here are 7 must have jackets.

3.  To look better in your bikini: 25 foods that banish bloat.

4.  Getting married this summer? Pre-wedding tips for looking and feeling your absolute best!

5.  Summer calls for s’mores and ice cream sandwiches/, including a s’mores ice cream sandwich.

6.  Summer salads calling my name.


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