The Little Things

1000 Steps Beach|That dot is Andrew playing in the waves|

This past week started off really really nice.  Andrew and I went on a little weekend getaway to Laguna Cliffs Marriott & Spa in Dana Point, CA as a late birthday present for Andrew.  It was only an hour away and just two days, but felt so much longer.  It always amazes me how much a weekend getaway can refresh and renew in just 2 days.  To increase our relaxation Andrew and I went to the spa and got a couples massage.  It was our first couples massage and it was so much fun.  Our mini trip made the work week so much better.  But now I want another weekend getaway for this weekend…  I suggest you all go a weekend getaway!

Apple Pan |Perfect way to end the weekend getaway: Apple Pan|

Caterpillar on a Sunflower |Caterpillar on my sunflower on my dining room table|

Coconut Granola over yogurt & berries |My breakfast all week: yogurt & fruit topped with Coconut Granola|

1000 Steps Beach|A heart on my way down to the 1000 Steps Beach in Laguna Beach|


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