Borderline Nail Trend

Borderline Nail Trend Lately I’ve seen a lot of new nail trends. This Borderline trend is like a reversed French tip and an update to the half moon shape from the 40’s. I am always open to try a new nail trend because it’s an inexpensive way to keep up with trends. I followed this How To by Paintbox. You essentially follow the natural curve of your nail bed.

Here are step by step instructions to create a Borderline Manicure based on the Paintbox and my own tips for painting your nails:

Borderline Nail Trend
1. Brush cuticles with a cuticle oil.

2. Push back cuticles with your nail or cuticle pusher.

Borderline Nail Trend

3. Wash hands and then rub nails with rubbing alcohol or make sure they are oil free.

4. Paint a thin basecoat onto each nail.

Borderline Nail Trend

5. Paint 2 thin coats of a white or cream polish.

Borderline Nail Trend

6. Paint a fun bright color (like essie’s Geranium) following the natural curve of the nail.

7. Paint a topcoat over the whole nail.

Borderline Nail Trend
8. Clean up any polish messes using a angled brush dipped in nail polish remover.

Borderline Nail Trend

9. Paint cuticle oil all over nail and around cuticle to help set the polish and prevent smudges.

Borderline Nail Trend


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