Lingerie Card DIY

LIngerie Card DIY I love making my own cards because 1) store bought cards are expensive! and 2) homemade cards add a cute, sweet and personal touch.  I am a bridesmaid in my friends wedding this summer.  The bridesmaids and I are throwing the bride a lingerie shower this weekend.  I made my friend a simple and organic card to go along with the girly and flirty lingerie I got her.

LIngerie Card DIY Supplies: cardstock card & envelope, pencil & sharpie.
LIngerie Card DIY Directions: Draw a line with a thin sharpie for the clothes line.  (I traced one side of a large vase to give the curve.)  Draw panties and bras on the clothes line with a pencil and trace with a sharpie once you’re happy with the drawing.  I added little dash lines and dots to add a little dimension and frilly details.  After you trace, erase your pencil marks for a clean look.  In pencil first, write “blushing bride” in lower case cursive and trace with a thin tip sharpie.

LIngerie Card DIY
LIngerie Card DIY
LIngerie Card DIY


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