The Little Things

20140516-135145.jpg{I’m eating watermelon all day everyday with this insane heat}

This past week was the craziest week ever. Celebrated my sisters’ 21st birthday.  Celebrated Mother’s Day. Celebrated my husband’s birthday.  On top of all that fun, it was finals week. I  just finished my first year of a Masters of Public Health program.  This week I turned in a 70 page paper (40 pages of text plus 30 pages of appendixes. Ah!),  another big group paper and a final exam. Phew, I can finally take a breath and relax.  1 year down.  1 to go.  Time to celebrate!

20140516-133714.jpg{The ladies who made me who I am today}

20140516-110155.jpg {Puppy Delivery}

20140516-110244.jpg{We woke the Birthday Boy up with kisses and Stuffed French Toast}

20140516-105924.jpg{Perch in LA for my sisters’ 21st}


3 thoughts on “The Little Things

  1. Congratulations, Caitlin, for all your accomplishments this year! You should be very proud of yourself!
    The picture with you as a baby, surrounded by your mom and grandmothers, is so wonderful! So much love there!

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