Bridal Shower Card

DIY Bridal Shower CardIt is the season of showers! My friend from high school is getting married this summer and I have the honor of standing up there with her as they say their “I Dos.” This weekend we got to shower her with gifts to fill their home. I wanted to make her a bridal shower card that made her feel extra special and loved!

DIY Bridal Shower CardSupplies: Martha Stewart Iridescent Glitter (Sugar Cube & Blueberry Slush), Martha Stewart Glue Pen, kraft card from Michael’s, paint chip (I used Pantone’s Peacock Blue), rubber cement glue, a pencil, and a sharpie or a calligraphy marker. Can use sequins for raindrops or I decided to make little hearts.

DIY Bridal Shower Card I drew and cut out he shape of an umbrella from the paint chip. Then glued the umbrella down with the rubber cement and outlined it with the glue pen. Sprinkle the white glitter. Let dry and pour off excess.

DIY Bridal Shower Card With the glue pen, draw little dots at the points around the umbrella. Sprinkle blue glitter and shake off excess.

DIY Bridal Shower CardAdd a handle to the umbrella and write “Happy Bridal Shower” at the base of the card.

DIY Bridal Shower CardUse a piece of paper or cardboard to help make a straight line with dots for the raindrops. Then use the glue pen to make small hearts at the end of the dotted lines. Sprinkle white glitter over top and shake off the excess. Use a paint brush to dust off any unwanted glitter that sticks to the card.

DIY Bridal Shower Card


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