Inexpensive Exterior Updates

Little inexpensive updates to the exterior can go a long way.  I didn’t love the exterior of our house, especially the color and old roof when we first moved in.   I would like to fix both, but until we have the money, these little changes make a huge impact on our home!  I am in love with how it looks and am so excited to come home everyday.  Our home is becoming more “us” with each update and now has personality and charm. Below are a couple before and after shots.

Before Before Updates

AfterInexpesive updates that go a long way

BeforeBefore updates

AfterInexpensive updates that go a long way

Here is a look at what we’ve done to add some charm:

-White rockers from Sears- $99 each and took an hour or so to assemble

-Black shudders from Lowe’s— $28-$41 for each window depending on size and took half an hour to hang all around the house

-Address plaque from Front Gate— $99 and took a minute to hang

-Flowers-we planted iceberg roses in our front planter and abutilon to the left of our front door, which should both bloom soon and will add some color and life.

DIY Spring Wreath– $10 and took 10 minutes to put together

-Bright white trim- $30 for a gallon of paint and took 4 hours for my husband, dad, grandpa and father-in-law to sand and paint

I love it and hope you do!


2 thoughts on “Inexpensive Exterior Updates

  1. Hi there, love your home decor section! I did in an inexpensive update in my bedroom I would be happy to share but I do not want to create a section on my blog just for that. Would you like the before/after pictures and suggest to your readers? Just an idea 🙂 Have a nice day. Melanie

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