For Your Valentines

I LOVE love! Everything about love makes me happy.  So, I’m a complete sucker for Valentine’s Day. I love showing my family and friends how much I care for them on a regular basis, but especially on Valentine’s Day!


1 ♥ For your love~ Heart & Arrow for $6
2 ♥ For yourself for date night~ Scalloped Brink Pencil Skirt for $78
3 ♥ For your girlfriends~ Kate Spade Stud Earrings for $38
4 ♥ For your single girlfriends~ Love Bites Giftset with these messages: “Stop kissing frogs,” “Men are pigs,” and there are “Plenty of fish in the sea” for $25
5 ♥ For your home~ ‘Every Day I Love You’ Vintage Art for $60
6 ♥ For your mama~ Filomena Cake Server for $16
7 ♥ For your four-legged friends~ Dog Bow Tie for $7.50
8 ♥ For Valentine’s night~ Cattleya Bra & Panty for $117
9 ♥ For your man~ Men’s Heart Boxers for $6


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