DIY Door Desk

My husband, Andrew, works from home a lot and likes a large desk to spread out on. So instead of using a small desk I had from high school, he would use our dinning room table as his work station. After a couple days of this we decided we needed a longer desk. We got to work searching for a unique desk, but were quickly disappointed by the high cost. One day while Andrew was putting things away in our garage he noticed an old door up in the rafters. He pulled it down and thought we could make a cool desk out of it, so that’s exactly what we did!

DIY Door Desk
DIY  Door DeskWe got out some aggression and distressed both sides of the desk with a hammer.

DIY Door Desk Then stained the desk with Black Cherry Wood Stain, which after several coats turned to this awesome dark purple over the white undertone of the door. (If the door was unfinished wood, it would have been a dark cherry brown.) After staining to the desired color, we used Polyurethan to protect the wood from stains or scratches and to add a nice glossy shine. Gently wipe the varnish with steel wool.  Then we waxed the desk with Howard Wood Polish with a soft cloth to smooth, finish and further protect the desk.

DIY Door Desk Next we placed the desk top on these Ikea Trestle Table Legs that are only $10 each.

DIY Door Desk We hired a local glass company to create a glass top for the desk, which cost us $130. In all the whole desk cost us about $150 because we already had the door, stain, varnish and wax. Now we have an awesome unique desk with tons of character.

DIY Door Desk
DIY Door Desk


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