The Little Things

The little things this week made each day more fun.  It was a relaxing week filled with many episodes of Scandal, our newest TV addiction.  On Saturday, we did a day trip to San Diego for my friend’s son’s first birthday party and spent the rest of the day on the beach! I’ve shared some pictures below of the highlights. What little things made your week special?

Vera Wang Soup BowlNew  Vera Wang Wedgwood Simplicity Cream Bowl perfect for big bowls of cereal and ice cream!

Pale Pink & GlitterFeeling pretty with pale pink & glitter nails (Rimmel London French Lingerie & essie hors d’oeuvres).

San Diego Sunset
San Diego SunsetDoodles first trip to the beach & the breathtaking sunset in San Diego.

Cozy Brookstone SocksIt’s been in the high 80s all week in LA, so it was nice to wake up to a cool crisp Sunday morning and snuggle up with these cozy Brookstone Socks.

Sunday Omlette Omelettes made by my hubby, perfect for a lazy day of movies.


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